Dear professional,

one or more of these disciplines:
astronomy, mathematics, philosophy, physics, psychology,  theology,
is your occupation or passion, or you are in such environment.
Or however you have a personal interest in the existential questions of the mankind as a private individual.

Are you open-minded for new informations about existence and universe?
And are you able to comprehend and to process them without prejudice?
In addition, are you also interested in cognitions about with it connected metaphysics?

Well, if you say to all Yes, so I got good news for you.
It is here all about the universe and its Self-System.
The time is come, to be revealed in suitable places around the world.
However, see for yourself the veracity of such an extraordinary statement.

About the links below you receive at AMAZON the appropriate e-books in mobi-format presented for a very low price.
The file is available in english language as well as in german language.
And the mobi-format is fitting particularly for the ebook-kindle-reader from AMAZON.
Thus, the book can be read mobile wherever you are with your Kindle device.

click on the pic to look at the  English  and/or the  German  book version

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With best wishes for exciting studies and investigations from germany by author

- Eberhard Braeuning -

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concerned main academic disciplines:
astronomy, mathematics, philosophy, physics, psychology, theology